Saturday, May 31, 2008

Heard in Our House Lately, Part Deux

(Thad has a little Bible that he really loves. It's very basic, with pictures, for little kids his age.)

Last night/this morning at approximately 3a:

“Dad! I brought you my big Bible. I am going to swap Bibles with you so you can have this one.”

“Thanks, Thad. That’s very kind of you.”

(Mommy giggling under covers.)

“You’re welcome, Dad. Enjoy your Bible!”

“I will. Thank you, again!”

“I am going in my room to read my Bible!”

(Mommy giggling maniacally but quietly.)

“Okay, Thad. I am just going to go to stay in my bed and sleep.”

“Well, okay. I’m just going to go read my Bible.”

(Little feet climbing back in his bed.)

(Little voice telling himself the Old, Old Story.)

1 comment:

Ron Cook said...

O.K., I could thoroughly imagine the giggling going on while the men in the house have to maintain the decorum. Thanks for sharing the delight of life in your corner of God's family!